It was born in England over three hundred years ago, but this rare furniture genre didn’t even have a name until about 1850. During the 18th and 19th centuries English society blossomed grandly as England led in the Industrial Revolution and imperial expansion in spite of loosing the American Colonies. With this came elite social clubs and country clubs. These special benches (a.k.a. 'Club Fenders') became a favored piece at the fire in the “club” room, where socializing, billiards, cards, and literature were pastimes.


Classic old English fireplace benches date from 1714 to 1837 (King George 1st to IVth in England) and earlier. Benches were made of iron by the local blacksmith for the manor lord. These Georgian period benches were very heavy, sized to a particular hearth and not suited nor intended for general commerce or transport. As such very few club fenders in classic form have come to America. But now Club Fenders US makes these wonderful furniture pieces in Connecticut using classic styling, materials and craftsmanship.


A Unique Furniture Genre: The club fender is exceptional in its function and artistry. It uniquely adds seats for family and formal occaaissions. It makes tending the fire easier and safer. Uniqyely positioned on or just outside the hearth, it solves a lot of issues on staging seating in rooms large and small and unusual. Its artistry complements the focal point of any room with a fireplace. It’s sophisticated. It's rare in America. It complements ageless styles in American architechture and interior design.  


Classic Old English vs. 20th Century Design: Most club fenders in America have been imported from England, most since mid-20th century: machine made of tubular and extruded metals, nut & bolt assembly, stock leathers, and light in weight to expidite shipping. Many advertized 'antiques' are actually just old looking post-Edwardian benches. By contrast, classic Old English Fireplace Benches are artisan made in a forge, of solid iron and welded joinery, bespoke leather and fine millwork. The weight and sturdiness of our classic fender benches far exceeds the English made product of past 100 years. 


Old English Fireplace Benches


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